Becoming a member

Blockchain Technology Association Belarus is consolidating the efforts of companies working with blockchain technology for its further development and distribution. Sector-specific collaboration among industry, government and academic leaders helps create conditions which enhance the potential for technology innovation and business applications. We are confident that its application can be successful not only in various sectors of the economy and business, but also in the social sphere. We are glad to welcome you in our community of Belarusian blockchain enthusiasts!

At this stage, the Association considers as candidates for joining the organization of different profiles, working with blocking technology. The main criteria are initiative and solidarity with the goals of the Association. The goals outlined by the Association are enshrined in the Charter, which we recommend to read.

The Charter is a fundamental document of the Association of Technologies for Distributed Registries. It contains the official legal name and legal address, the main goals and methods of action, organizational structure, key administrative and legal aspects. In detail with the text of the Charter you can find the link below.

Detailed information about the entry and the application can be found by contacting us by e-mail and telephone.