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Welcome to Blockchain Belarus

Blockchain Technology Association Belarus is consolidating the efforts of companies working with blockchain technology for its further development and distribution. Sector-specific collaboration among industry, government and academic leaders helps create conditions which enhance the potential for technology innovation and business applications. We are confident that its application can be successful not only in various sectors of the economy and business, but also in the social sphere. We are glad to welcome you in our community of Belarusian blockchain enthusiasts!



digital transformation of business, economy, public relations with use of blockchain technology;


popularization of blockchain technologies among entrepreneurs as a direction for creating their own projects and other initiatives;


promoting the development of digital business entities using blockchain technologies;


organization and support of scientific research in the field of blockсhain technology and related information technologies;


carrying out of scientific conferences, forums, meetings, sessions on the theme of introduction and use of blockchain technologies in modern society;


creation of an optimal regulatory environment conducive to the development of blockchain technologies.

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